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About CAPIA   About Us

C.A.P.I.A. stands for the California Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

CAPIA was founded in 1978 and consists of many members and affiliate members who join together to protect the interests of insured homeowners and businesses who have suffered an insurance loss. Where company and independent adjusters represent the insurance companies, Public Adjusters represent the Insured.

To be considered for membership, persons must be licensed by the California Department of Insurance and adhere to the CAPIA Code of Ethics. To be considered for affiliate membership, a person must be employed by a company or firm engaged in the business which serves the best interests of Insured Californians and not that of insurance companies.

CAPIA headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, and the association promotes professional public adjuster education and when needed, employs Lobbyists in Sacramento to protect both interests of the industry and the Insured.

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